Member Forms & Information


Member Forms & Information

Below you will find downloadable information sheets and forms for various member-related matters, including applying for retirement, designating beneficiaries, disability benefits, and notice for returning to work.

Information for CTPF Members

2019 Fund Facts
Picture Your Future with CTPF
Maximizing Your Pension
Leaving Employment
Your CTPF Pension
Reciprocity & Retirement
Disability Benefits
Survivor & Death Benefits
Refund of Contributions
Your Member ID
How to Read Your Member Statement
Retirement Seminar Presentation

Designating a Beneficiary

Form 105: Designation of Beneficiary

Change of Address

Form 107: Change of Address

Direct Deposit & Withholding

Form 425: Direct Deposit
Form 720: Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments

Service Credit Reinstatement or Purchase

Form 625: Application for Military Service
Form 635: Application for Refunded Service Credit
Form 645: Application for Purchase of Optional Leave Service Credit
Form 655: Application to Purchase Public Teaching Service
Form 745: 2.2 Upgrade Application

Retirement Application

Application for Retirement: CTPF Forms 704-742

Returning to Work

Form 717: Acknowledgement of Rules Governing Re-Employment
Form 770: Notice of Temporary or Non-Annual Return to Work
Form 773: Notice of Permanent or Annual Return to Work

Applying for a Refund

Forms 804-840: Refund Application

Pension Forfeit

Form 810: Pension Forfeit Acknowledgment

Divorce/Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO)

QILDRO Brochure
QILDRO Calculation Order form
Notice of Confidential Information in a Court Filing form
QILDRO Consent form
QILDRO Direct Deposit Authorization form


Form 903: Affidavit of Attorney in Fact
Form 910: Confidential Information Release Authorization