Proxy Voting Policy

The Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) is entrusted with maintaining a strong and stable fund in order to pay benefits to CTPF members and their survivors. To fulfill that responsibility, the CTPF Board of Trustees understands that the CTPF portfolio is the foundation of our members' retirement security and that good corporate governance is essential to the well-being of the portfolio.

The CTPF Proxy Voting Policy is focused on the following themes and guidelines that demonstrate the core values of CTPF:

  • Board & Employee Diversity
  • Corporate Governance (Board Elections & Oversight)
  • Director, Executive, and Employee Compensation
  • Political and Charitable Contribution
  • Transparency and Disclosure Compliance

As a sizable and long-term investor, CTPF is in a position to exert influence on the corporations in which it is invested, and the investment fiduciary is expected to vote in accordance with CTPF's proxy voting policies. CTPF appreciates and, with forethought and care, uses its opportunity to influence voting on decisions that affect the guidance and well-being of our investments.

View this presentation for more information on proxy voting.