Maximizing Your Pension

Your CTPF pension is based on your years of service and a pension percentage (up to 75%), multiplied by your final average salary. There are ways to increase these factors to enhance your pension or meet eligibility requirements.

Optional Service Purchase

Purchasing optional service allows you to increase your service credit and ultimately increase your retirement benefit. Several types of service are available for purchase. The most common types are:

  • Approved, unpaid leaves
  • Refunded service
  • Public teaching service as a certified teacher in a public school
  • Military service

To purchase optional  service, please complete and submit the proper form(s) to CTPF:

2.2 Upgrade Option

For service credit earned prior to July 1, 1998, the percentage used in the pension formula is determined using incremental factors as low as 1.67%. With the 2.2 Upgrade Option, the 2.2% factor is applied to all your CTPF service credit and your pension increases.

To apply for the 2.2 Upgrade Option, complete and submit Form 745: 2.2 Upgrade Application.

Download the Maximizing Your Pension information sheet for more information on purchasing service credit and the 2.2 Upgrade.