Retirement Resources


2019 Retirement Seminars

CTPF members considering retirement in 2019 are invited to join CTPF at one of our 2019 Retirement Seminars. These seminars provide a one-stop shop for retirement information, including a general overview of the CTPF and CPS retirement processes. CTPF’s Member Services department will be available at all seminars to answer individual questions, assist with completing forms, and provide notary services. The Social Security Administration will join CTPF only at the seminars held on April 16. 


Preparing for Retirement
A few steps to take now if you intend to retire in 2019

1. Register early for a CTPF Retirement Seminar. If you register by February 8 for the February 18 seminars, or by April 5 for the April 16 seminars CTPF will provide you with a pension estimate at the seminar.

2. Download and refer to the retirement checklist in the Application for Service Retirement for a list of all required documents. Complete as much of the application as possible prior to attending a retirement seminar.