Pension Representatives


Pension Representatives

Pension representatives (pension reps) are valuable members of CTPF. They assist in building and maintaining the vital connection between teachers and CTPF, and assist with Trustee elections and other duties as detailed below.

Who Can be a Pension Representative?

A pension rep must be a certified, active teacher in a CPS or Charter School; retirees and administrators cannot serve in the role of pension rep.

A school’s pension rep may be determined by a vote among the faculty, a volunteer may come forward, or the principal may select a suitable candidate.

Pension Representative Responsibilities

  • Distribution of pension-related materials in their school (i.e., newsletters, forms, Trustees elections materials)
  • Assisting with Trustee elections
  • Coordinating field service presentations


For any questions regarding pension reps, or to schedule a CTPF Member Services presentation at your school, please contact