Survivor and Death Benefits

If the unthinkable happens, your pension can protect your family. Your surviving spouse and/or dependent minor children of both active and retired members may qualify to receive survivor benefits which include:  

  • a portion of the deceased member’s pension  

  • a lump-sum death benefit based on the member’s service and status as an active or retired employee  

Find more information on survivor and death benefits here.  

Designating a Beneficiary 

The Designation of Beneficiary form  (CTPF Form 105) allows CTPF members to designate individuals who will be paid any available lump-sum death benefits at their death. It does not affect or determine survivor benefits, which are only payable to an eligible spouse or minor child. This form becomes effective when the original signed notarized form is received and approved by the CTPF office and should be completed at least every 5 years, or if a life changing event has occurred.