Redefining Retirement: If Music be the Food of Love…

Redefining Retirement

After retiring from Claremont Math and Science Academy in 2012, Joy Reeves was ready for a new challenge. Her grandson had recently taken up playing the saxophone, and seeing how much fun he was having learning a musical instrument, Joy knew what she wanted to do with her newfound free time.

New Horizons BandDigging out the clarinet her daughter had played while in high school, Joy began taking private music lessons. After about a year, her instructor pointed out that nothing can really compare to playing music with a group, and pointed her toward the New Horizons Band, an ensemble that welcomes adults of all levels of musical proficiency to hone their skills together as a group.

Though slightly apprehensive of joining a group after just a year of musical experience, Joy was glad she followed her instructor’s advice and took the leap. Not only did she learn a lot from the band, but she also made a bunch of new friends. In addition to rehearsing twice a week with the whole group, she also regularly practices with just the clarinet section to work on their parts. Whenever the music proves to be a bit too challenging for a beginner, her director and fellow bandmates are happy to offer tips and advice. The band regularly performs at schools, churches, and other local venues, and Joy has found that there’s nothing quite like “the joy of playing before an audience as part of a well-rehearsed group with a common purpose.”

While she freely admits to still not being the most proficient musician, none of that matters to the New Horizons Band, just as long as you’re willing to try; a sentiment any former teacher can get behind.

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