Non-Investment Procurements


CTPF selects prospective vendors through a public, competitive, and formal bidding process for most purchases of goods and services anticipated to exceed $50,000. CTPF solicits or researches pricing from three or more vendors for most procurements for goods and services anticipated to not exceed $50,000. All non-investment purchasing at CTPF is done in compliance with CTPF’s Contract Administration and Procurement Policy.

See below for information on CTPF procurements that are not related to investment services. Find information on CTPF investment procurements at Investment Procurements.

Open Non-Investment Solicitations

Third Party Administrator Services for Defined Contribution Plans RFP

    Investment Legal Services RFP

    Closed Non-Investment Solicitations

    Pension Administration System (PAS) RFI

      Master Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) RFP

      2019 Health Insurance Consulting Services RFP

      Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services RFP

      Management of Annual Pension Trustee Elections RFP

      Managed SIEM as a Service RFP

      Microsoft Licensing Agreement and Implementation Services RFP

      Converged Infrastructure RFP

      Disaster Recovery Solution RFP

      Tax Legal Services RFP

      Banking Services RFP [New]

      EGWP Pharmacy Benefit Manager RFP

      • The winner of this RFP is Express Scripts, Inc. 

      External and Internal Penetration Testing Services RFP

      Payroll Compliance Audit Services RFP

      For additional information about non-investment procurement, please contact:

      Becky Gonzales
      Associate General Counsel