Investments FAQ

How are CTPF assets invested?

CTPF assets are invested in diversified stock, bond, and alternative asset portfolios. See the Asset Allocation Policy for details.

What is the process for choosing CTPF investment managers?

The CTPF Board of Trustees chooses managers with the advice of investment staff and an independent investment consultant. Managers are chosen after a thorough comprehensive analysis and due diligence process.

How is the asset allocation determined?

CTPF's target allocation is determined after a comprehensive study that is conducted by internal staff in conjunction with the CTPF external consultant. Key inputs into the study include historical returns, relative value, and the likelihood of mean reversion. Risk budgeting and scenario analysis are tools used in the study. The primary focus of the asset allocation is to maintain a broadly diversified portfolio while achieving the target rate of return with the least possible amount of risk.

Where can I find copies of CTPF's investment reports?

See Financial & Investments Reports for a list of current and archived reports.