EEO & Diversity


The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) values diversity. CTPF is an equal opportunity employer and actively engages in the search for and procurement of minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses that provide goods and services (both directly and indirectly, as subcontractors). CTPF also supports public policies that further diversity initiatives.

CTPF has been in the forefront of establishing policies and procedures to ensure the inclusion of minority, women, and emerging firms for consideration and selection to provide investment services. CTPF has also established goals to further ensure inclusion and diversity in those who provide other professional services. The CTPF Board of Trustees has also adopted administrative rules and policies promoting diversity in hiring.

For further information on CTPF’s diversity rules, policies, resolutions, and Reports to the Governor, and the Illinois Senate Report on Diversity, please see the below resources: