Employer Contribution Reporting Online
Monthly Report Details Employers with Late Contributions


Each month, Employers remit employee pension contributions to CTPF. Illinois law requires that these contributions be made within a certain time period. If the Employer does not send the funds within the required time, penalties may be assessed.

Recognizing the importance of informing members of Employers who are late in making their employee contributions, the Board directed CTPF staff to publish delinquent employers monthly.

“CTPF prides itself on operating transparently, and being good stewards of public funds. Our members make a pension contribution with every paycheck, and they expect their Employers to remit these contributions to CTPF on time. We want our members to be aware of the business practices of their Employers. Receiving regular, monthly reporting regarding contributions keeps our members apprised, and offers them the opportunity to encourage compliance and transparency from their Employers,” said Charles A. Burbridge, CTPF Executive Director. 

The report lists Employers who made pension contributions or payroll record submissions past their due date. Find a copy of the report here.