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Check your Check: 2022 Changes to Pension Payments


Pensioners who receive payments effective January 1, 2022, may see several benefit changes.  

January 2022 payments may include an Automatic Annual Increase (based on eligibility and Tier) and deductions for the new health insurance rates. Review your January 2022 pension pay advice carefully. Your pay advices can be accessed at any time on myCTPF.   

If you need assistance or explanation, please contact Member Services at 312.641.4464 or email

Health Insurance Rate Increases 

The Health Insurance Premium Subsidy remains 60% for 2022.  

Medicare Plans 2022 Rate (member rate)  

The following rates are effective January 1, 2022.  

UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage PPO with Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) $131.50 (was $126.57)  

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F* (UnitedHealthcare) with Express Scripts Medicare (PDP),
Average by age:  

  • Age 66-68 $145.19 (was $147.81)  
  • Ages 69-71 $158.80 (was $160.98) 
  • Ages 72-74 $169.51 (was $169.55)  
  • Ages 75+ $186.69 (was $183.94)  

Humana Group Medicare HMO with Part D Pharmacy $75.80 (was $73.50)  

*Premiums for the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F are based on age, gender, vary by geographic area, and are quoted directly by UnitedHealthcare. The amounts listed above are average costs. 

AARP Plan F increases reflect increases in the cost for the prescription drug plan. Additional plan increases may occur in June of 2022 and notice will be sent directly from UHC. The prices quoted from UHC for plan increases do not include the 60% CTPF health insurance premium subsidy or prescription drug premium. Contact CTPF Member Services to determine the actual cost of your insurance coverage under this plan.  

Non-Medicare Plans 2022 Rate (member rate)  

Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO $816.22 (was $788.62)  

UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus PPO $533.35 (was $533.35)  

Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO Illinois $395.26 (was $404.57)  

*Prices above are for the annuitant cost for single coverage and include the 60% premium subsidy. 

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