Retirement with Purpose

Ned McCray Helps Others Share Life Lessons and Experiences
Redefining Retirement

Some people look forward to the lazy days of retirement, yet many Image removed. retirees are not ready to stop working. Getting another job is an option, but starting a business allows for greater flexibility and freedom that retirees have earned after a long career.

Ned McCray got busy working as soon as he retired 30 years ago. A retired CPS high school principal, Air Force veteran, and CTPF member, Ned and his wife lead an active life that is physically and mentally stimulating, tackling their dreams and living a retirement with purpose. One would think that is the work of his life, but he also started his own business.

Inspired by photos on the wall of a beloved uncle who passed away, and wishing his uncle could share his stories, Ned and a few friends founded This is My Legacy ( to help people share life experiences and life lessons for the next generation. The group films individuals telling their life stories for loved ones and then create a professionally customized DVD which becomes a permanent part of a family’s history.

When he’s not busy at work, Ned enjoys regular workouts, traveling, volunteering, and writing extensively for local papers about issues that are important to him. A Past President of the Retired Teachers Association of Chicago, he continues to serve in an ex-officio capacity on the Board of Directors and is currently in talks with a publisher about writing a book.

Ned often wonders how he ever had time to work since he has been so productive during his retirement. He stated, “Retirement is the best time of your life if you are healthy.” He encourages future and current retirees to follow in his footsteps and make the changes necessary to live a healthy life so that they can enjoy a fulfilling retirement. Ned strongly believes in “teaching and preaching.” We may see those words become the title of his book as he reflects on his own life and as his “retirement” continues to evolve.

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