Preparing for Retirement
A few steps to take now if you intend to retire in 2020

  1. Download and complete a Retirement Application Packet.  Read and review the forms and collect your required documentation. An incomplete form will delay the processing of your retirement benefit.
  2. Know your health insurance options. Employer-sponsored group health insurance coverage will end at retirement. Choosing a post-retirement health insurance plan for you and your eligible dependents is one of your most important retirement decisions. Now is the time to research your options and to decide on a plan so your coverage continues without interruption. CTPF does not automatically enroll you in any post-retirement health insurance coverage.
  3. Resign from your employment.  Your employer has specific retirement forms which need to be filled out in addition to the CTPF application. CTPF cannot process your retirement benefits until your employer provides confirmation of your resignation.
  4. Stay informed. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for email updates at and like us on social media.