Mary Sharon Reilly, Pensioner Trustee Candidate

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Statement of Candidacy 

In my 25 years as an elected trustee (11 years as an active teacher, as president 9 years, and 14 years as a retiree), I have acted in the best interest of all members. As a member of a 12-member board, I must study the issues as presented by experts we have hired in all areas- investments, pension benefits, health insurance, and legislation. As a trustee my decisions must be for the members and not reflect my individual interests. 

In these years I have made decisions that have protected the health insurance subsidy and made thoughtful, educated investment decisions that will help to grow the fund, a goal we cannot realize without consistent funding from CPS and the State of Illinois. My role of trustee involves many aspects of CTPF. I have chaired the personnel committee for a number of years, which has included hiring the executive director, engaging in pay band study for employees of the fund, reviewing employee benefits with staff, and managing other personnel issues as they occur. 

As a member of a 12-member board I strive to work collaboratively with the other 11 members to make decisions to benefit our 60,000+ members. A CTPF trustee cannot act as a single interest, but a person elected by the members or appointed by the employer to protect the future retirement benefits of all members. 

If elected, I will continue to act with integrity, to grow in knowledge, and to always have the best interest of members as my goals. 


  • Loyola University, M.Ed., Guidance/Counseling 
  • Various Institutions for Eligibility for Type 75 Certificate  
  • Mundelein College, B.A., English 

Employment History

  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund  
    • President 1997-2002 
  • Chicago Public Schools 
  • Elementary School Counselor 1973-1997  
  • Elementary Classroom Teacher 1964-1973 

Other Activities and Memberships


  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF)  
    • Pensioner Trustee (14 years) 
      • Vice-President, Board of Trustees  
      • Chairperson, Personnel Committee  
      • Chairperson, Return to Work Committee  
      • Chairperson, Investment Committee 
      • Chairperson, Disability Committee 
  • National Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS)  
    • National Committee (2014-2016) 
  • Retired Teachers’ Association (RTAC)  
    • Director 
  • Chicago Teachers Union 
    • Retiree Standing Committee  
  • Mundelein College Alumnae Association 
    • Board Member, Past President  
  • State of Illinois 
    • Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker  
  • Mary Seat of Wisdom Parish 
    • Lector 
    • Eucharistic Minister  
    • Minister of Care 


  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Teacher Trustee 11 Years 
    • President 1993-2002  
  • Chicago Teachers Union 
    • Vice-President and Chairperson, Retiree Chapter Chairperson, Pension and Insurance Committee School Delegate 
    • Delegate to various state and national conventions 

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