CTPF 2019 Trustee Election Update
Pensioner Trustees Elected


The CTPF Pensioner Trustee election concluded at 5:00 p.m. November 7, 2019. Pensioners elected three Trustees who will serve two-year terms through 2021. The newly elected Pensioner Trustees are (listed in alphabetical order):

Lois Nelson
Mary Sharon Reilly
Maria J. Rodriguez

Certified Election Results

Click here for certified election results from Election-America Corporation.

Trustee Installation

The Trustees will be sworn in and the organization of the Board, including the election of officers and of standing committee chairs, will occur at the CTPF Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

Pensioner Trustee Voting Procedure

Voting for the 2019 Pensioner Election will be managed by the Fund’s Election Agent, Election America.

Election-America mailed ballots to all eligible pensioners on Friday, October 18, 2019, and emailed voting information to pensioners with valid email addresses on file with CTPF.

Voting is open from October 18 through 5:00 p.m. on November 7, 2019.

All paper ballots must be received by the election agent by 5:00 p.m. on November 7, 2019. Ballots received after the deadline will not be counted.

2019 Election Calendar of Events

February 15 Nomination packets available and Notice of Election published.
September 13 5:00 p.m. (CT), last day to request a nomination packet.
September 16 First day for Teacher Trustee candidates to submit completed nomination petitions.



Last day to submit nomination packets. Completed nomination packets due to CTPF at 5:00 p.m. (CT).
October 18 Election materials mailed and online voting available for Pensioner Trustee election.
November 7 Voting closes for all elections at 5:00 p.m. (CT). All mail-in ballots must be received by this date and time.
November 21 Trustees will be sworn in during CTPF Board of Trustees meeting.

Teacher and Principal/Administrator Trustee Elections

Because the number of candidates did not exceed the number of open positions in these elections, the certified candidates who submitted petitions were declared elected.

  • Jeffery Blackwell and Jacquelyn Price Ward were declared elected Teacher Trustees to serve three-year terms from November 2019-2022. 
  • Jerry Travlos was declared elected Principal/Administrator Trustee to serve a three-year term from November 2019-November 2022.

The CTPF Election Committee met on Friday, October 4, 2019, to certify candidates. CTPF’s Canvassing Board then convened to declare the Teacher Trustee candidates elected, and the Election Coordinator declared the Principal/Administrator candidate elected. The remaining election procedures were then cancelled in accordance with the Election Policy.

The newly elected Teacher and Principal Administrator Trustees will serve three-year terms from 2019-2022.

Pension Representative Information

The 2019 Teacher and Principal/Administrator Trustee Election have been cancelled. CTPF Pension Representatives can receive $50 for distributing election and voting materials in schools.

Attestation Forms

Pension Reps must complete and return an Attestation Form to receive the stipend. Forms are due back by November 22, 2019, to receive payment by the end of the year.

If you have any questions, please contact pensionreps@ctpf.org.

Election Mailing Information

CTPF provides candidates with a pre-approved list of vendors for election mailings. Click here to view the current list.

Election Data Clarification

Upon request, CTPF will provide voter data to approved vendors so that candidates can mail election materials. According to CTPF Election Policy:

“The Fund will provide only the full list of all eligible voters who are expected at the time of the request to receive a unique voter identification number in a category … to a print/mail vendor; the Fund will not segregate eligible voters by any other attribute.”   Article 3, Section 301(d) 

During its October 17, 2019, meeting, the Board provided further clarification regarding the available content of the voter data. CTPF will provide retirees’ pension effective date to print/mail vendors, in addition to the name and address information of eligible voters. Candidates can then work with their vendor to segment lists if preferred. 

Using a Different Vendor

Candidates are not limited to using pre-approved vendors. Upon receipt of a signed request to add a print/mail vendor (elections@ctpf.org), the Fund will add this vendor provided it satisfies the Fund’s requirements for data security, insurance, and other internal controls. The Fund will make its assessment of whether a vendor satisfies the Fund’s requirements no later than 5 business days after receiving all necessary documentation and information from the vendor that the Fund requires to make the assessment.

Overview of Print/Mailing Process

  1. The candidate or sponsoring organization contacts a print/mail vendor (that has been pre- or subsequently approved) to secure an estimate and to discuss job parameters. See the Election Policy for additional information on additional vendor approval. 
  2. The candidate or sponsoring organization should notify the print/mail vendor that the job(s) is/are for a CTPF election mailing and ask that the vendor contact the Election Coordinator at CTPF. All artwork and production management are the responsibility of the candidate or sponsoring organization.
  3. The print/mail vendor must request data for mailing directly from the CTPF Election Coordinator. Upon receipt of the appropriate documentation, CTPF will release data to the print/mail vendor.
  4. All materials must contain the following disclaimer: Candidate campaign material: CTPF is not responsible for the content of this mailing.
  5. The candidate or sponsoring organization is responsible for managing and paying for the cost of the project.
  6. The Fund will not provide email addresses to any person or organization.

Administrative Rules Regarding Campaign Activities

Events with designated space for campaign activities are posted in the CTPF Calendar.  

II. B/305 Campaign Activities

Trustees and employees shall not intentionally engage in “campaign activities” (defined below) using Fund property or resources or during any compensated time (other than employee vacation, personal, or other compensatory time off).

No intentional campaign activity by anyone, including but not limited to Trustees, employees, trustee candidates, or sponsoring organizations, is permitted on Fund property, including any space rented, leased, or otherwise used for a Fund event. In the Fund’s sole discretion, the Fund may provide for a defined Fund-designated area that is part of the property being rented, leased, or otherwise used by the Fund where campaign activity may be conducted by any person or organization.

No Trustee or employee may intentionally misappropriate the services of an employee by requiring an employee to perform any campaign activities 

  • as part of that employee’s unofficial Fund duties,
  • as a condition of Fund employment, or (iii) during any time off that is compensated by the Fund (such as vacation, personal, or other compensatory time off).

A Fund employee shall not be required at any time to participate in any campaign activities in consideration for that Fund employee being awarded any additional compensation or employee benefit, in the form of a raise, bonus, compensatory time off, continued employment, or otherwise. Likewise, a Fund employee shall not be awarded any additional compensation or employee benefit in consideration for the Fund employee’s voluntary participation in any campaign activities.

Nothing in this section otherwise prohibits protected speech or prohibits activities that are otherwise appropriate for Fund employees or Trustees to engage in as a part of their official Fund duties (e.g., employees and Trustees helping to administer the election, pursuant to Illinois law and to this Rule; Trustees carrying out their duties as members of the Election Committee: or otherwise prohibits activities that are undertaken by a Fund employee on a voluntary basis as permitted by law).

For purpose of this Rule, “campaign activity” includes any intentional effort, in violation of this Rule, to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of any individual to a trustee position, including but not limited to collecting nominating petition signatures, preparing, distributing, or mailing campaign materials, soliciting votes, or campaigning for office.

Use of Fund Vendors

A candidate for Trustee shall not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, the services or resources of Fund Providers, or Prospective Providers as defined in the Code of Conduct/Ethics for the purpose of printing, distributing, or mailing campaign materials, or any monetary or other assistance for the candidate’s campaign. Find a list of current providers here.

CTPF Current Election Policy

Election Policy Effective 2019