CTPF Celebrates its Quasquicentennial Anniversary in 2020
CTPF Launches 125th Anniversary Year with Proclamation


The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) is celebrating its quasquicentennial (125th anniversary) in 2020. CTPF will commemorate this milestone of serving members, constituents, community, and citizens of Illinois with distinction with activities for members and a dedicated CTPF125 digital presence – using the hashtag #CTPF125 on social media. 

CTPF Trustees launched the anniversary year by passing a resolution on January 16, 2020, in honor of their 125th Anniversary. Click here to read the resolution.

The quasquicentennial provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the rich history of the Fund and renew CTPF’s commitment to helping teachers from the very first day to the very last and beyond. The projects and events will highlight how CTPF has helped to shape the lives of Chicago Public School teachers, recognize the dedication of its members to their students and profession, and bring members together. 

“CTPF has garnered respect for the excellent and transparent financial stewardship of public funds. The Trustees have set sound and responsible investment policies since inception,” said CTPF Board President Jeffery Blackwell. “As we mark the quasquicentennial of CTPF, we appreciate all of those who have been involved with the evolution, administration, and management of the Fund over the last 125 years. We look forward to celebrating our continued resilience and sustainability as a Fund that is focused on caring for our dedicated CPS teachers past and present.”

Established on July 1, 1895, the Fund was established as the first teachers’ pension system in Illinois and the second in the nation. The pension plan was seen as an important way to help attract and retain professional teachers and to ensure their financial stability and dignity in retirement. The Fund began with 8,000 members and today includes more than 88,000. Today, CTPF serves more than 28,500 pensioners who count on the Fund as their primary source of financial security.

CTPF operates as an independent organization, governed by the Board of Trustees and administered an Executive Director who oversees the daily operations of the Fund. CTPF has more than $11 billion in diversified assets and pays nearly $1.5 billion annually in benefits to CTPF members and beneficiaries. Pension benefits generate important economic activity for local economies in the State of Illinois.