Candidate Information


2018 Candidate Information

Information contained in the statement is the responsibility of the candidate. CTPF is not responsible for the validity or content of any candidate information. All candidates are listed in random order, as required by CTPF Election Policy. 

Pensioner Trustee Election

The following Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) members, have met the eligibility criteria and have been certified to run in the Pensioner Trustee 2018 Election for a one-year term:

Kathleen Cleary Powers |

My name is Kathleen Cleary Powers and I retired from CPS in 2012
after 38 years. I attended Chicago State University and graduated in 1974. In senior year I was accepted into the Cooperative Urban Education Program which was an offsite program located in Robbins, Illinois, which is where I student taught. I later completed two masters’ degree programs, one from National Louis and one from Chicago State. I taught on the west and south sides, both in general education and special education. I was a teacher at Cooper Upper Grade, Mason, Burnside, Marquette, Anderson Upper and Dore.

I was a CTU school delegate/associate delegate for 25 years. I was a CTU executive board member for elementary schools for four years. I was the chairperson and co-chair of the CTU special education committee. I was an LSC teacher representative for ten years. I was the chairperson of the school social committee, the PPLC, the PPC and was the Education Connection Facilitator during Corey H. I was the Council for Exceptional Children’s teacher of the year. I love teaching and still substitute for CPS in 7th and 8th grades. I am also a special education provider one day a week for a Catholic school in Chicago. I taught religious education at St Mary’s and St Michael’s school. I am also an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker for the past 35 years.

I have always been interested in my pension. I was the school pension representative for 22 years. When I retired I was a Pension Ambassador until the program ended in 2017. I would like to receive your support in my campaign to run as a retiree pension trustee for the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund. I am very concerned about my pension, especially the insurance subsidy and the cost of living raise. I believe that pension trustees have a fiduciary duty to the pension fund to ensure that the investments continue to grow. I do not believe it is in the best interests of the CTPF to have pension trustees who owe an allegiance to any outside interests or groups. I also think that CTPF retirees should have the same rights as the rest of the retirees in the state of Illinois. We should be able to substitute for 120 days without penalty. I also think that CTPF needs to have a discourse with CPS to eliminate the 90-day rule for retirees. Many retirees leave the state for the winter and if they are gone 90 calendar days they are removed from the substitute system. CPS is in dire need of substitutes and our retirees are an untapped resource.

I am running for the position of pension trustee. If elected, I will take this position very seriously and do my best to ensure that the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund puts the needs of the pension members first and will adhere to my fiduciary responsibility to the Chicago Teachers’ Fund.

Robert F. “Bob” Bures |

Employment History and Current Positions

Chicago Public Schools – 30 Years

  • Teacher – History, Morgan Park, Harlan and Steinmetz High Schools
  • Assistant Principal – Corliss High School
  • Principal – Oriole Park and Prussing Elementary Schools
  • Principal – Prosser Vocational High School
  • Consultant, CPS Department of Accountability, 2011-2012

Retired Teachers Association of Chicago, Executive Director, 2002-2012

Trustee, Village of Western Springs, 2006-2010

  • Chair, Finance Committee
  • Member, Western Springs Fire and Police Department Pension Boards

Lyons Township Mental Health Commission, 2009-2018

  • President (3 terms max} and current Treasurer
  • Ex Officio, all Committees

Chicago Public Schools K-12

  • Tonti Elementary and Lindblom High Schools, 1957
  • Illinois Institute of Technology BS, Political Science, 1961
    • 4 year Academic Scholarship
  • Chicago Teachers College, MA, History, 1967
  • 36 Additional Graduate Hours, Educational Administration and Supervision
  • Retired Teachers Association of Chicago, Executive Director, 2002-2012
    • Grew Membership to over 11,000
  • Chicago  Teachers Union
    • Elected Retiree Delegate to CTU House of Delegates 2012-2017
    • CTU, Member of CORE
  • Illinois Retired teachers Association, Active Member
  • Western Springs Public Library Foundation, Immediate Past President
  • Aquin Guild, Board Member
  • Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, Member, Auxiliary XVI
  • Union League Club of Chicago, Member since 1994
    • Active participant of several committees
  • St. Jon of the Cross R.C. Church, Minister of Care, Men’s Club
Honors and Awards
  • Aquin Guild, Award of Excellence
  • City of Chicago, Superior Service Award
  • Citizen of the Year, 2010 Village of Western Springs, Illinois

Lois Nelson |

Experience/ Employment History
  • Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Active Board Trustee filling the vacancy of Walter Pilditch
  • Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Former Committee Chair Personnel and Finance & Audit
  • Successfully advocated for the hiring of an Internal Auditor while a Trustee 2005-2010
  • Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Former Vice President and Financial Secretary
  • Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund: Present Member of Personnel, Back to Work, Health INS
  • Chicago Teachers Union Retiree Delegate and Functional Group Standing Committee Member
  • Chicago Teachers Union: American Federation of Teachers & Illinois Fed of Teachers
  • Chicago Teachers Union: Co-Chair of Political Action Committee 2009
  • Chicago Teachers Union: Delegate at Earle Elementary School 1980- 2011

Retired from Earle Elementary School in 2011 after 40+ years of service

Court Reporter for Chicago Title & Trust prior to teaching

  • Bachelor of Science in Education at Chicago State University
  • Master of Science in Education at Governor’s State University
  • 60+ hours of Post Grad Ed at Northeastern Illinois and other Universities
  • Illinois State Board of Education: Active Teaching Certificate until 2022
  • Gifted Teacher Certificate: Illinois State University- Grade A
  • Youth Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency Mini Society Certificate
  • Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education Certificate
  • (CORE) and the CPS Local School Council for the Johnnie Colemon Academy
  • AFT Black Caucus Chicago Chapter (Chair of Elections)
  • Life Member of Retired Teachers’ Association of Chicago (RTAC)
  • Life Member of National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc.MU (Education Sorority)
  • 2011 General Co-Chair of the Sorority Teach-A-Rama at Illinois Institute of Technology
  • CPS Educator Renewal to 2022/ also, Member of the Association for Gifted Children
  • National Association of Professional Women (NAPW): received 2013-14 Woman of the Yr.
  • Past President of the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary Council #8973
  • Church Lector at St. John de la Salle/ also, featured in the Lumen Cordium Society

Trina Smith-Hollingsworth |

Trina Smith-Hollingsworth is a pensioner recipient of CTPF.
Trina’s disabilities were recognized in 2014 from a 2008 injury at one of her assigned schools. Dr. Hollingsworth attained higher education in Public Administration at IIT and completed both a master’s degree and doctorate in Educational Administration. Trina has been a life-long community service advocate working to make the lives of those around her better.  She served the late Honorable Eugene Sawyer at City Hall over ten years as a Legislative Assistant and served as an Assistant Commissioner in the Department of Water. In addition to over 20 years as an educator and an administrator, Trina has also been a licensed real estate professional since 1997.  

“It is my endeavor to make certain our pensions remain unchanged and without taxation as proposed in the beginning.”

Teacher Trustee Election: Three-Year Position

The following CTPF members have met the eligibility criteria and have been certified to run in the Teacher Trustee 2018 Election for a three-year term (two open positions):

 James Cavallero |

Member Status
  • Teacher


  • Attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for undergraduate and graduate work.
  • B.A. in Education and graduate work in Special Education.
  • State of Illinois LBS 1.

Work Experience

  • Employed by CPS for 25 years, currently a Special Education Teacher at Chicago Academy High School for the last 15 years, and a founding teacher of the school.
  • Former Special Education Teacher at Edwin G. Foreman High School (7 years) and Richard J. Daley Elementary School (3 years).
  • Former Special Education Teacher at a private therapeutic day school (3 years).

Other Membership and Experience

  • CTPF Representative at Chicago Academy High School
  • CTU Delegate at Chicago Academy High School
  • CTU Executive Board Member Area Vice President
  • Formerly CTU District Organizer for North-Northwest High Schools
  • Formerly CTU Special Education Committee Chair
  • Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) Steering Committee
  • Former Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) Treasurer
  • United Working Families Member

Gervaise Clay |

Member Status
  • Teacher
  • Loyola University, Bachelor of Science, Special Education 
  • Chicago State University, Master of Science Administration and Supervision
  • Roosevelt University, Master in School Counseling
  • University of Chicago, Math Endorsement
  • DePaul University, Grant Writing Certificate
Work Experience
  • Chicago Public School Employee for 22 years. Currently working at George M. Pullman as a Special Education Middle School Teacher. Worked in the capacity as a Professional School Counselor and Administrator. 

Membership & Experience
  • Chicago Teachers Union Delegate 
  • Chicago Teachers Union Area Vice President
  • Chicago Teachers Union Executive Board member
  • Member of CTU Black Caucus
  • Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public School Special Education Joint Task Force
  • Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) Steering Committee Recording Secretary
  • Chicago Teachers Union Foundation Grant Committee
  • United Work Family member
Workshop & Trainings
  • Attended American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Pension Trustee Summit, July 2018
  • Restorative Justice Training

June M. Andalcio |


Utilize employee benefits experience to enhance long term financial planning for teachers and ensure financial security and healthcare for pensioners.

  • Masters of Library & Information Science (MLIS). Dominican University, River Forest, IL
  • Masters of Education (MEd), Elementary. DePaul University, Chicago, IL
  • Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS). Co-sponsored Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Brookfield, WI. Served on Chicago Board of Officers (4 years)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BEA Finance: Insurance). University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Work Experience
  • Currently employed with CPS for 14.5 years, teaching Library & Research at LaSalle Language Academy (12 years). Former science and reading teacher (2 years) and cadre (.5 year) at LaSalle Language Academy.
  • Employed with Mack & Parker, lnc./HUB International in Chicago for 16.5 years.
    • Supervised and developed incoming Account Analysts. Proactively managed key national and international client accounts. Presented insurance related topics at regional and national association meetings. Four promotions from Account Analyst to Vice President in employee benefits positions.
  • Employed with Allstate Life Insurance Company in Northbrook, IL for 1.5 years.
    • Supervised and trained inexperienced staff of 7 professional Benefit Analysts. Cross-trained supervisors in policyholder administration, underwriting, claims, and contract units.
Other Membership and Experience
  • Illinois Producers Insurance Licenses (Life, Health, Property & Casualty), 30+ years
  • American Library Association/American Association of School Librarians
  • Chicago Teacher-Librarian Association (CTLA). Board member for 4 years
  • Local School Council Teacher Representative at LaSalle Language Academy
  • Pension Teacher Representative at LaSalle Language Academy, 3+ years


Teacher Trustee Election: One-Year Position

The following CTPF members have met the eligibility criteria and have been certified to run in the Teacher Trustee Election for a one-year term (one open position):

Theresa Hehn |

Theresa Hehn started in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in 1997. Theresa is a proud Chicago Public School graduate who went to DePaul University for her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. After being hired by CPS, Theresa went on to earn her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction through National Louis University. Theresa is proud to have added National Board Certification to her name, in 2012. She continued her education throughout the years to collect many middle school endorsements that she believes is key to job security in CPS.

Theresa’s first job in CPS was at McAuliffe Elementary School. When her position was eliminated due to low seniority; she began working at Ames Middle School (now Marine Leadership Academy). Theresa has spent the majority of her career at her current job, Garvy Elementary School. Her favorite part about teaching is the students. She especially likes being at the same school long enough to be teaching her second generation of students from the same family.

Theresa was elected last year as her school’s Chicago Teacher Union (CTU) delegate, but took a very active role for years before this. She attended the CTU School Leadership trainings for several years in preparation for her role as delegate. Theresa served as a strike coordinator during the 2012 strike. She also worked with neighboring high school CTU delegates to share buses and attend strike rallies at various locations in the city.

Theresa has served on her school’s PPLC, has been lead science teacher for many years, and was treasurer of her school social committee for three years. She is currently active in many other roles at her school, including: PPC member, teacher representative of her school’s 503b Adopt-a-Classroom committee, basketball and ‘Girls on the Run’ coach, and active PTA member. Theresa is very active with Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education; she has knocked on doors collecting signatures in favor of Elected School Board, gathered in front of Bruce Rauner’s home, and participated in protests at the State of Illinois Building.

While attending a retirement party for her school clerk, Theresa had the opportunity to speak with several former colleagues who are enjoying their retirement benefits tremendously. It made her start thinking of what she wanted her own retirement to look like. Theresa thought of the younger staff at her school; and questioned, what will be there for them when they retire? Many changes are taking place in legislation surrounding pensions and Theresa wants to be part of something where she can make a difference, not just for herself, but for all members of the CTPF. Theresa seeks to guide and protect our pensions through these uncertain times.

Theresa has learned a few hard lessons in life related to pensions. Due to becoming a single mother of seven, her mother left her job as a CPS clerk, and the security of a pension, in order to work three jobs to support her family. Theresa watches her in-laws struggle financially because her father-in-law lost his position as a CPS janitor short one year of service, due to CPS privatization. This cost him earning a fully vested pension. Theresa believes it is time to step up and protect the hard-earned pensions of her colleagues.

Theresa requests your support of her run as a CTPF teacher trustee. Theresa applied to fill trustee vacancies in the past; she hopes with a formal election she will finally get the chance to represent her fellow teachers. Theresa is at the point in her career where she is looking forward to what retirement will look like. She has learned how important retirement benefits are for CTPF members.

Theresa’s goal is to become better informed of the best features of our current pension and to advocate continuing these features in the future. She plans on investigating features from other pensions systems that could benefit those in CTPF. Just as written in the CTPF’s mission statement, Theresa’s number one goal is to “protect and enhance the welI-being of members”. Theresa is a strong advocate for others and wants to have the opportunity to communicate how important our pension rights are to secure the comfortable retirement we worked so many years to earn.

Jacquelyn Price Ward |

Bond Elementary School, Job Category: Special Education Teacher, (Middle School)

As a former officer liaison to the CTPF, my goals are and has always been as follows:

  • To continue to support and enforce the initiatives currently in place by CORE Trustees that does not advance the lives of working people such as guns, tobacco, non-union charter operators and others that use our pensions to undermine public education by forcing out black. veteran teachers and staff.
  • To enforce due diligence along with the Executive Director and assist in the hiring and monitoring of independent advisors and staff to not only meet but exceed the goals and objectives of the fund in the best interest of the CTPF annuitants and contributing members.
  • Protect, enforce and insure that all qualified workers pay their fair share into the fund by closely monitoring the proliferation of charter schools and their contributions into the fund.
  • To be a CTPF Trustee that is dedicated to the fiduciary responsibility of securing and protecting our pensions by cultivating worker power on the fund.


  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois (July 1989-July 1991) Master in Education Concentration: Policy Studies and Administration.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois (August 1987-June 1989) Master in Education Concentration: Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities (LD) & Social/ Emotional Disorders (S/ED).
  • Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois (August 1979-August 1983) Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Concentration: Merchandising in Clothing & Textiles and Marketing.

Teaching License

  • Standard Elementary Teaching K-9 #2025487 (Type 03) Endorsements: LD, S/ED (LBS-I), Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, Science Specialist, Library Media Specialist & Home Economics.
  • Standard Secondary Teaching 6-12 #2025488 (Type 9) Endorsements: LD, S/ED (LBS-I)
  • Standard Secondary Teaching 6-12 #2025488 (Type 9) Endorsements: LD, S/ED (LBS-I)

Professional Experience

Math and Science Specialist, Marquette Elementary School, (July 1, 2009-Present)        

Lead Literacy Teacher, Marquette Elementary School, (July 1, 2007- June 30, 2009)

School Librarian, Marquette Elementary School, (August 2004-July 1, 2006)

Recording Secretary, Chicago Teachers Union, (July 1, 2001-August 6, 2004)

  • Third in command on the CTU Leadership/ Administrative team. Responsible for maintaining all official CTU records. Coordinated all CTU special events. Officer liaison to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF), Jacqueline B Vaughn Graduate School, Educational Issues Department (Quest Center), Early Childhood, and Elementary Steering Committees among others. Co-Chaired the contractual CTU-CPS Special Education Committee and Partnership Schools Project. And Officer Liaison to CTPF Board.

First Grade Lead Teacher, Paul Revere Elementary, (August 2000-June 2001)

  • Responsible for coordinating, creating, and monitoring curriculum implementation. Chairing grade level planning meetings. Writing and planning lessons for the department. Monitoring the Accelerated Reading program. Developed and implemented a technology-based Parent Involvement program using training completed at the (WIT) Web Institute for Teachers at the University of Chicago.

Third Grade Bridge Teacher, Paul Revere Elementary, (January, 1997- June, 2000)

  • Responsible for coordinating and determining instructional objectives, communicated specialized knowledge, and supervised the development of skills and behavioral patterns in achieving standards based educational goals and objectives.

Special Education Teacher, Paul Revere Elementary, (September, 1988-December, 1997)

  • Taught special needs children primary to intermediate /upper levels in various settings including S/ED self-contained, LD & S/ED resource, and cross-categorical LD, S/ED & CD. Instituted a battery of test to diagnose and remediate individual student needs, strengths and weaknesses. Used specialized knowledge to determine IEP instructional objectives. Supervised and monitored the development of skills and behavioral patterns in achieving educational objectives.

Professional Development Site Coordinator for CTU Quality Education Standards of Teaching Project, (September, 1992-June, 1995)

  • Responsible for coordinating and hosting monthly Town Hall meetings, facilitated the instruction of graduate and lane placement courses. Professional development instructor for “Teaching for Active Learning” and “Learning in Overdrive”. Standards Based Writing Team member and co-developer of five published Learning in Overdrive Prototype Units of Performance Base Instruction and Assessment. Pathways to Achievement PD Project Instructor. Quest school Reorganization Core Leader.


Chicago Teachers Union, Member since: 1989

  • C.O.R.E supporter of all initiatives including but not limited to Press Conferences, Marches, Protest, Rallies, Organizing and Spoke Person against AUSL and OSI turn arounds, protest and rallies against Charter School Expansion, School Strike Leader, Community/Ward Political Organizing, Notary Public for Mayoral Campaigns including Notary services at The Karen Lewis for Mayor Campaign Office, HOD meetings, and various off site locations etc..
  • Offices Held: Women’s Rights Committee Chair, Executive Board, Big Bargaining Team, CTU Recording Secretary 2001-2004, Delegate, Revere School 1994-2001; Delegate, Marquette Elementary School, 2005-2012; Delegate, Bond Elementary School, 2012-Present; CTU-AFT/IFT Convention Delegate 2001-2004 IFT Executive Board.
  • Committees: Chairperson of Special Education; CTU-CPS Partnership Project; CTU Officer Liaison to Early Childhood, Elementary Steering, Pension and Insurance, Social; Jacqueline B. Vaughan Graduate School for Teacher Leadership, and CTU Bargaining.
  • Recording Secretary, Coordinator, CTU special events; Officer Liaison to Pension/Retirement Fund, CTU Communication Department, and the AFT Educational Issues Department; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.

Illinois Federation of Teachers

  • Offices held: IFT Vice President, 2001-2004, IFT Convention Delegate
  • Committees served on: IFT Member Benefits Committee, IFT Union Professional Development Committee, IFT Human and Civil Rights Committee, IFT Leadership/Professional Committee.
  • Chair, IFT Member Benefits Committee.

American Federation of Teachers

  • Officer liaison to AFT Educational Issues Department; Certified graduate of AFT Union Leadership Institute; Officer liaison to AFT (ER&D) Project; Officer Liaison to AFT NCLB Committee.
  • Illinois AFL-CIO
  • Convention Delegate


  • Member, Bread of Life M. B. Church, 44 years, Chair of Scholarship Committee and Budget Committee; Sunday School Teacher; PTO member; Revere LSC.